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Innovate. Collaborate. Create. These are words that we strive toward. They are how we want to work, to live. We aim to live smart, to live well, to exist in the now. But how many opportunities do we design that truly originate great leaps for us and society?


TEDxCortland is an annual

event to spread ideas and

promote conversation and

action in the Cortland

community and beyond.

We are working to foster constructive, multidisciplinary dialogue and share new and cutting-edge ideas and resources. TEDxCortland is about passion, cohesion, and amplifying extraordinary voices.


TEDxCortland shares perspectives in a multitude of spheres - science and technology, the arts, design, entertainment, education, nature. We want to create a fusion of local and outside thinkers, young and old and in-between, emerging geniuses and recognized innovators alike. Our goal is to catalyze, inspire, and connect people in a way that will cultivate local and global collaboration.


SVHC is proud to be a United Way agency

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10 Kennedy Parkway

Cortland, NY 13045    


ofc: (607) 756-4198           

fax: (607) 344-0048

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SVHC is proud to be a United Way Agency

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