What is Summer Challenge?

The Summer Challenge is back, in the form of a Bingo card! From now through Labor Day (September 2), explore new places in Cortland County as you work through a bingo card full of fun physical activities and food challenges. This year's bingo card still features two rows with accessibility in mind and it also explores a new phenomenon known as Rucking. Complete the activities listed on the bingo card (print out a card here for you to have on hand to track your progress)!


  • As you complete each activity, take a picture of yourself and post it to Facebook with the tag #SevenValleysHealthCoalition and #SummerChallenge. 

  • Don't wait for a full bingo to tell us about your activities!


  • ​When you’ve completed four activities that make a “bingo” on your card (down, across, or diagonally), this year instead of prizes you get to claim bragging rights on social media. You can get more than one “bingo” on your card if you complete additional activities. 



Please note, photos submitted may be published on any Seven Valleys Health Coalition related website or social media.

Summer Challenge is Open to all residents of Cortland County 

For a copy of a paper card, to receive more detailed information on increased accessibility options for those of limited ability, or in regards to any other questions, please call 607-756-4198 or email catherine@sevenvalleyshealth.org

DISCLAIMER: As always, please exercise appropriate caution when completing the Summer Challenge bingo activities so that you never undertake any risks of physical harm. Understand you participate at your own risk. Seven Valleys Health Coalition bears no liability for any injuries that may occur while participating in the Summer Challenge. All participants enter into this contest knowing they are responsible for assessing their own physical capacity and safety risks for themselves or others, in connection to the chosen activities.

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SVHC is proud to be a United Way Agency

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