#farmerfridays: Food Miles

December 14, 2018

At Seven Valleys Health Coalition, we love to eat locally. This is not just because we think our Cortland farmers are the jam--and they ARE!--but because eating locally produced food holds a variety of implications for the social, environmental and biological well-being of us all.


We know that it is near impossible to clear the high-mileage foods from our fridges and pantry shelves. We love our bananas, avocados, and tomatoes, a bit too much for that! But what we purchase matters.



Did you know that...


1. The longer food travels the less nutrition it contains.


2. Increased travel times means that food items have more exposure to chemicals and substances that are not good for our bodies and minds.


3. Traveling food requires a hefty amount of plastic packaging and gas...lots of gas


Here is what local food can bring to your table:


1. A tastier and more nutrient-dense product.


2. Reduced opportunities for chemical exposure, so you have a happier, healthier item to fuel your body with. 


3. A tangible way of helping to reduce air pollution and material waste...just where does all that plastic end up anyways?


Check out this neat infographic that Sustainable Ontario published that compares local food vs. long-distance food:



As the snowy winds of winter set in, we know that it can be hard to source locally, specifically our much-loved produce items. Here's our pro tip to you: eating seasonally is an easy way to lower the mileage put on your food. Check out this seasonal eating guide geared towards us hearty New Yorkers! (Thank goodness apples are year-round! PHEW!)






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