#farmerfridays: Bossard Honey Farm

August 3, 2018

We thought we would make your Friday a little sweeter by sharing with you about Bossard Honey Farm which is harvested right here in Cortland County. Scroll down to see what this local buzz is all about! 


SVHC: What products or goods do you make or grow?


BHF: We have bees in Cortland and Homer that produce local honey. 



SVHC: How long have you been producing honey in Cortland County?


BHF: I learned how to keep bees at a very young age when I worked for a beekeeper out of Moravia. I lost touch with beekeeping my roots when I went into the service, got married and became a father. Now that the kids are grown I have been back into beekeeping for about 5 years. 



SVHC: Because of environmental and other societal reasons, keeping bees seems to be an ever increasingly hard task to take on, why engage in this type of lifestyle? 


BHF: It is something I have always liked to do. I find it relaxing and a break from my day job as a home inspector. Having bees can be time-consuming during the season and worrisome during the office season. The results of the time and effort spent are well worth every minute and every bee sting.   



SVHC: What has been your biggest joy as a local beekeeper?


BHF: We love to hear how much people love our honey. Plus, it's a unique thing to talk about with strangers. Being able to educate people about bees, the process and the colonies is a lot of fun. I have had the great fortune to have helped friends also start beekeeping.



SVHC: What has been your greatest challenge as a local honey producer?


BHF: The lifespan of the bee colonies can be a challenge. Between the pesticides that people use, mites and other diseases they get, it can be hard to get your colonies to survive year to year.  




SVHC: If you could tell your community one thing, what would it be?


BHF: Plant flowers. This helps to keep the bees alive and healthy. Also, I would say to learn about bees and how important they are to our survival. (You can find out what plants are bee-best here.) 



SVHC: How can the community purchase your amazing honey or connect with you?


BHF: You can visit us on Facebook to order honey or ask us any questions about our honey process. As well, you can find our product at Badman's Bushel Basket.




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