#farmerfridays: Ole Miss Franny's Farm

April 27, 2018

Happy Friday, dearest folks! We are excited to share with you a bit about Fran Levy (who affectionately refers to herself as Franny Pants Farmer) from Ole Miss Franny's Farm. As we continue to highlight the treasure trove of growers and producers that operate right here in Cortland County, anyone out there feeling like us--all jazzed up and grateful to live in an area such as this? 



SVHC: Hello, Ole' Miss Franny Farm! How long have you been producing and growing in Cortland County?


OMFF: I have been growing locally for about 8 years now.  



SVHC: Growing food or producing food products cannot be an easy task to take on, why engage this type of lifestyle? 


OMFF: It is very hard, but it is something I've always wanted. Sometimes you just have to go for it!



SVHC: What products or goods do you make or grow?


OMFF: I am rather diverse in my offerings--I do vegetables, goat milk, goat meat, and a variety of handmade soaps, skin care items, artwork, and textiles. 



SVHC: What has been your biggest joy as a local grower?


OMFF: My biggest joy would be raising food in all forms in accordance with nature. 



SVHC: What has been your greatest challenge as a local grower/producer?


OMFF: My biggest hurdle is that I waited until age 50 to start doing what I really wanted to!



SVHC: If you could tell your community one thing, what would it be?


OMFF: I would say that if you have something you have always wanted to try, to get out there and do it!


SVHC: How can the community purchase your goods or connect with you?


OMFF: Ole' Miss Franny Farm has a stand at the Virgil Farmers' Market--don't forget we will be at the new market location at Hollenbeck's Cider Mill come June! You can also keep up with the farm via Facebook or check out our Airbnb offerings if you ever want to stay at the farm for a night or two! 







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