Dustin and Doug: Happy One Month Anniversary!

July 12, 2017


DUSTIN: Today has been 30 days since I quit smoking on June 12th, 2017. Some say the couple drags I had should restart my days and for that, I am thankful this is MY story.


So I am getting by, but not easily. There are still SOOOOO many times a day that absolutely suck, but somehow I always manage to pull through the cravings. They don't come as often, but surprise me and hit hard when they do. As I was walking with my girlfriend the other day, I blurted out, "Hey, gimme a couple drags!" She quickly shot over "the look", that evil stare (nice evil stare), and refused to even take me seriously. She knows how serious this is to me, and probably figured I was joking around. Was I though?


Food has been tasting amazing the last 2 weeks. I have changed up my eating quite a bit. I went from a little, to a little too much! No complaints currently in that area. I could use some extra pounds! I have gained 5.7 pounds total as of right now. 174.2 before; 179.9 today. My breathing is horrible! BUT, I am much further, much faster already. I can't expect miracles to happen overnight after 17 years of daily cigarette smoke rolling through these lungs.


I am very happy with where I am today, and want to throw a huge shout-out to Doug Bentley for being the Stranger with the Tongue! Thank you for caring, and sharing Doug! I'll be continuing the blog to keep everyone updated as time goes by. ......To Be Continued


SVHC: Congratulations on this milestone, Dustin!  We appreciate your brutal honesty.  We hope that you have inspired others who are dealing with all sorts of addictions.  And to Doug, the Man with the Tongue, thanks for all you do.  Keep up the good fight, Dustin and Doug. Thanks for sharing!

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