Dustin and Doug: Did Dustin Cheat?

June 29, 2017


DUSTIN: Did you think I gave in? Its been quite a busy week for me, and apologize for not posting. Tuesday was all right, still dealing with the head game more than anything really. I went to an outside concert that night and did notice it seemed like everyone smoked or vaped. I was content though, and I didn't have any cravings really. Wednesday morning I woke up and found a half of a cigarette (clip) in my Jeep laying in plain site. I had cleaned the Jeep, so i didn't understand where, or how it got there. BUT, before i knew it, the clip was in my pocket and hidden, JUST IN CASE!


The rest of the day was fine, but obviously I told nobody what I had found. It was MY secret! Later that night I went to a Newbsanity Wednesday night workout, showered, ate, and went to bed. Thursday morning I woke up with my normal daily routine. Came to work, and RIGHT when the thought of putting on the patch came to mind, I grabbed that clip, went to a hiding spot at work, and took 3 drags before putting it out. I hid this from everyone for about an hour, until I realized I had to tell on myself in order for this to work. I told everyone I came in contact who knew I quit. I saved the clip for future sake, but hated the taste and haven't touched any since.


Friday is today, and I'm feeling stoked to be where I am right now. The hours go by without cravings, days are adding up since I have been a non-smoker, and routines are changing. Some may think I have to start over since I took a couple drags.....This is my story and I am not a smoker until I cave in to buy a pack of smokes. A couple drags proved to me how much I really don't need it, and how disgusting they now taste. Everyone's story is different, but so far this is what is working for me.


DOUG: Hey Dustin, I have been encouraging people to quit smoking for a long time. Five years ago I read a book called Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. ​You would like Stephen. He's your kind of guy. In this book ​​he tells about his Five Dog Workout where he and five rescue pups run through a canyon - scaling the walls as though they are in a natural half pipe. Exciting stuff. I think I gave away both copies of this book to dog lovers. 


Back to my story. In the opening to Abundance, Peter Diamandis talks about a place called Masdar City near Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It is the world's first "post-petroleum" community - built with oil money! I was fascinated. I thought to myself, "I would like to see this place." Within a week, I got a call from one of my cable customers asking if I could come to where the Cortland-made tether is and put an end termination on it. They also wanted me to train a bunch of soldiers in the process so that they would not need me the next time. "Where is this tether?" I asked. "It is in Abu Dhabi," came the reply. "I will come on one condition," I said. "You must take me to Masdar City before I come home." So off I went.


I landed in Dubai late one evening. My host drove me to the Mirfa Hotel in the middle of the desert. While there I met Tony, a British expatriate. He was rarely seen without a cigarette. He felt at home, because in the UAE the smokers outnumbered the non-smokers. After our day's work we ventured out behind the hotel where Tony unpacked a stunt kite and flew it out over the Persian Gulf - as he smoked. I shared with him the story of my tonsil cancer and having my lower jaw sawed through. I invited him to take a close look at the scars on my neck. Big Tony looked a bit uneasy. We finished our work. I got to see Masdar City with my host Fahad Al Absi (notice the iPhone in his hand - we were still using Blackberries back then). We parted company. Two years later I got a note from one of the group. It was the guy who made the balloon at the end of the tether. He said that he saw a Facebook post by our friend Big Tony. Tony was celebrating two years smoke-free and he said it was due in no small part to a story told to him by Doug Bentley one evening on the beach in Abu Dhabi. This is day ten. You're on a roll! 


Best regards, Doug










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