Dustin: Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. For the first time, I had a couple hours pass without thinking about smoking. This was HUGE for me! My mind has been obsessing about cigarettes continuously for 4 days now. I DO have to admit that yesterday were the strongest urges and cravings as well, but not constant, and not as many....just harder to push through when they came. 
I can recognize a difference in my breathing already. I am pushing myself on a daily basis one way or another, and keeping track of some specs to compare. This week I have been paying attention to my breathing between sets at the gym, and current pace while running. Although I am FAR from where I hope to be, I am amazed to see this kind of difference in such a short time frame. Food is starting to taste more like food. Oh, and my appetite has increased quite a bit too. I personally am trying to gain weight, so eating healthy snacks, or chewing on something helps take place of my actual smoke breaks.


Doug: I picked up my reserved book at the library: You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train.  I think about the idea of being neutral. When you can't decide you flip a coin. While it's in the air, you are wishing for either heads or tails. Tobacco. Can you be neutral about tobacco? I think not. Monday is

Tobacco Education Day at Appleby Elementary School in Marathon. I have been invited to speak to 4th, 5th and 6th graders about what tobacco can do to your body. I excited about this opportunity. I will not be neutral. Each day your time as a smoker gets further and further into the past. I have been encouraging people not to smoke since my first oral cancer in 2001.


I forgot to mention that when I stopped in the library the two girls behind the counter smiled and said, "Hey!  We've been following your blog at the SVHC website!"  That was so cool to hear.






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