Dustin and Doug - Day 2

June 14, 2017

Dustin: No smoking: Day 2
Almost 36 hours into this!


I am now picking out every person smoking and finding myself jealous at this stage. I know I wouldn't be happy if I took a few drags, so I think it through before acting on impulse. "What will it do for me?" and, "Then what would I do from there?"

My mind is playing tricks on me. Telling me its okay, and reaching out for an excuse to put the chemicals back in my system. I find myself obsessing about cigs, and glorifying back to when I started. 

I know this is all JUST a mental game. I will not lose, and I will fight! I'm worth it! -dumb affirmations help!


Dustin: Day 2 (continued)
47 hours smoke free


Today has been quite the mental roller


coaster for me. One minute I'm doing great, the next minute I catch myself clinching my teeth closed. At no point have I thought about giving in. I'm just realizing the true battle I have ahead of me. Out of habit today, I reached in my pocket for my smokes after leaving the DMV. Obviously I didn't have any, but this shows me how easy it is to forget when the habit comes so natural to me still. Within time this too shall pass, and I will be fine. ...but I am currently finding certain times of the day just completely suck for SOME unknown reason (after lunch, before bed, etc.).



-Patches and gum came in
-breathing has improved quite a bit already
-picked up more lozenges from one friend last night, with roughly 5 more to contact when I have time or need more
-getting a lot accomplished that I have been procrastinating on. 
-threw away jeep ashtray 
-referred to myself as a non-smoker for the first time since my teens.


Check out Way2Go Cortland and Seven Valleys Health Coalition. These fantastic people along with Doug Bentley reached out to me for some reason. They didn't have to, and i'll never understand how everything escalated into this...but I'm thankful, and love a good challenge. Let's Do This.

PS- I couldn't do this without all the love and support everyone is showing. The comments mean the world to me, and have helped me numerous times today. Thank you all, and keep 'em coming!


Doug: Day 2


Hey Dustin - don't you worry about me.  My life is perfect.

Just stay focused.


I have told several people about my new habit of approaching those who smoke and reminding them that they need to stop.  My speech therapist understood my thinking, so she tried it herself!  Then she sent me this note:


I was thinking about you this weekend because I saw a guy smoking outside of Target in Ithaca and I asked him if he had any plans on quitting. He smugly said, "Why do you care?"  I told him I'm a Speech Pathologist and I help people learn how to speak and talk after their treatment for head and neck cancer. He got really quiet and said he was trying to cut back. I told him good luck and to stay strong with his effort.


It was pretty nerve wracking!! I didn't expect him to snarl at me like he did. Even so, I still felt like I had the duty to say something. I know for a fact what can happen; it is my responsibility. I knew you definitely would and I should also have the courage to let people know that they are important and that their health matters.


Thanks for being such a good example!


This made my heart swell.  And it reminded me to keep my eye out for smokers who need a little encouragement.


Keep on keepin' on Dustin.







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