DUSTIN: Its been a long, hot day. My patch wouldn't stick for the life of me. I taped it to my arm numerous times, and finally ended up with carpenters tape wrapped around my leg to keep the damn thing stuck on. I've been on edge at times, and quite up and down as far as energy levels go. I saved 5 cigs for back-ups / emergencies and just washed them in the laundry......and those are my complaints..... I have had a great day today honestly. The amount of people that continue reaching out to me is absolutely incredible. Even when I had the urges, I would read a supportive comment and it seemed to help me for that moment. Took patch off around 6PM and been using lozenges as needed since. The urge is much stronger without the patch, but know I can not rely on them forever....so lets use them sparingly for now.


DOUG: I rode my bike in to work this morning. I looked over to where I first saw you and there was no one out there on the sidewalk smoking. I thought that was very cool. I pictured you somewhere else - trying not to overthink this.


There is a girl here where I work. Her name is Sarah. One day in conversation I heard her say, "I'm a smoker," as an explanation for something or an excuse for something. I cringed. It hit me like a kick in the gut. She has labeled herself. She put herself in a box and she thinks she has no choice in the matter. She was not born a smoker. But she will die a smoker if she does not change her thinking. She is on my radar.


You rock, Dustin! And we have to set a milestone so we can have a little celebration. Next week on Tuesday (June 20) there is a support group meeting at Convenient Care. It meets once a month. I have never been to it, but I have been planning to since February. Next Monday (June 19) is Tobacco Education Day. I will be going to Appleby Elementary to talk to 4th, 5th and 6th grade kids about why they need to stay away from tobacco. Check in with me any time Dustin. You get the urge, send me a text. Maybe I will send you back a stupid joke. Maybe I will tell you to breathe deeply - take a serious hit of good clean air and then let it out slowly. Your lungs will love you for it. Quitting smoking is a mind game. Big tobacco has spent billions to trick your mind and keep you giving them your money. That ends today.

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