Missing school matters

September 16, 2015

Parents, did you know?


Missing school matters. Starting in kindergarten, good school attendance helps children feel better about learning, and themselves. Help your children build a habit of good attendance so they can learn, stay on track and succeed in school, college, and at work. Bright futures begin with good school attendance.



How can you help your child?


For students of all ages know the school’s attendance policy and when school starts. Make sure your child has the required shots needed for school. Have your child stay home only when truly sick.


For younger students, many of whom may be unsure of their new surrounds, let them meet teachers and classmates before school starts. When your child is more comfortable around their peers they will be better able to focus. Have a regular bed time and morning routine – lay out clothes the night before so your child is ready to go in the morning. Prepare a back-up plan for getting to school when something comes up. Schedule medical appointments after school hours and don’t plan extended trips when school is in session.


For older students, talk with your child about acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and grades. Encourage your child to be active in school by joining clubs or sports teams. Know your child’s friends, peers have a large influence on teen behavior. Communication between parents and children is vital – ask your child how you can help.   


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