How Green Living Can Make You Happier

May 6, 2015


We understand the importance of preserving our ecosystem and moving away from high consumption lifestyles. We must find new ways to value our world. New research shows that this will also make us happier and more fulfilled! When we find ‘sustainability double-dividends’: lifestyle choices which improve both well-being and sustainability we can move towards a healthier future as a community and individuals.


1. Living a more local life

Cars can give us a huge amount of individual freedom, but they come at a cost to the environment and local communities. Localisation benefits the environment by reducing the amount of travel and transport required to sustain our lives, resulting in fewer resources used and less pollution. Traveling less empowers a more active community, improves safety, and strengthens personal ties. Choosing local foods can make a huge difference revitilizing the ties between farmers and consumers, understanding your local food system, and allows access to healthier, more nutitious foods.


2. Human powered transport

Regual excercise is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing. Walking, cycling, skating or scooting instead of car travel can have dual health benefits by providing the physical activity we need to stay healthy and reducing the adverse health effects of motor vehicle transport.


3. Less Materialistic

Green people tend to be less interested in material things, resulting in a tendency to consume less and use fewer resources. The environmental benefits are clear, but shifting their focus away from material things makes people happier too.

Once we have all that we need to survive (food, water, shelter etc) additional material things have less and less impact on our wellbeing. The author Robert Lane expresses it like this: “the richer the society and its individuals become, the less purchasable are the goals that bring them happiness.” For example, an American study found that people were happier after spending money on experiences, rather than physical things.


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