A flashcard screening for concussion

March 12, 2015



Do your kids play sports? This simple flashcard test helps evaluate for concussions in young athletes. 


from the New York Times


During preseason, use a stopwatch to time the athlete as he or she reads off the numbers on each line from left to right as quickly as possible. The cards should be read in order. This establishes a baseline time. For the greatest precision, you might want to have athletes perform the test twice and use their best reading.


During the season, if an athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion, have him or her repeat the test on the sidelines. If the time is slower, even by a small amount, he or she probably has a concussion, according to neurologists.


Interestingly, uninjured athletes are almost always faster at reading the numbers during games or practices, because physical exertion sharpens the kind of visual performance being tested.


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