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March 6, 2015

Photo: DC Central Kitchen/Flickr



HealthyNOW's Harvest to Home program puts fruits and veggies in convenient reach, at markets like Bill Bros. Dairy and right in front at the Local Food Market. This article about a similar program in Washington, D.C., looks at the pros and limitations of such a program.


At a small corner store in northeast Washington, Nola Liu, a community-outreach officer with the D.C. Central Kitchen, whirled around a deli case with a clipboard in hand, passing out a recipe for cinnamon pear crisps to anyone who would take it.


She thrust a card at a man in a blue knit hat who was on his way out.


“Are you gonna make it for me?” he asked.


“No, you have to make it yourself,” she responded.


“I’m not much of a baker,” he said, and walked out.


Fresh pears are a relatively new arrival at this store, which is called Thomas & Sons. Just a few months ago, the extent of its produce selection was a small refrigerated case holding a few forlorn fruits and onions, all going at a premium. The owner, Jae Chung, was reluctant to stock things like tomatoes, which would often go bad while they lingered on the shelves.


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