'Training' is better than 'exercising'

July 21, 2014


by Chris Freytag, from the Huffington Post


I see a lot of cringe-worthy claims in my industry of fitness. Rock hard abs in a matter of days, liquid meals that will make you drop pounds in a flash, or that J-Lo butt by next Wednesday.


Lots of gimmicks play on the emotions of people who desperately want to lose weight -- and fast. It's human nature to want results quick. Who doesn't like efficiency and speed? That's why no one is a fan of getting stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in some endless line or pleading with your computer to get unstuck. We want to see progress, and we want it now, please.


But here's your reality check: Quick fixes can lead to quick results that quickly vanish. If you want lasting change, it's time to let go of instant gratification BS and find a new way to live. You can love how you look and feel (permanently) by developing decent habits that become second nature to you.


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