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April 11, 2014

Have you joined our Spring Into Action: An active commute for a healthier you  facebook event? We're joining forces to encourage each other to make the work commute an active one.


Walk, bike, take transit, get creative and mix and match modes.


With tips, stories, and motivation, Spring Into Action will help you get your 30 minutes of exercise per day - on the way to work!


Check out these bike-to-work tips from Denise Wrathall:


How to Look Professional after Cycling

When I wore a suit to work, I kept all my dress shoes, as well as a formal coat at the office and packed everything else. If your building has showers, great. If your commute isn’t long or particularly difficult, it’s not necessary. I don’t do my hair until I arrive at the office, keeping a towel and hair clay at work instead. Hair products that stay moldable are my fave, so I can mold my helmet head back into bed head with little fuss. If you wear makeup, you can touch up after arriving at work or apply it entirely there. Depending on what you wear on your ride in, consider keeping a few spare clothes at work, too, such as underwear and socks, in case you forget to pack them one day.Once you’ve done all that prep work, the day of is pretty easy! Get up, check the weather over breakfast, load your lunch, clothes and accessories into your bag, and you’re on your way.


If You Want to Ride in the Rain

There are two basic approaches: wear work clothes and cover up with a waterproof layer that you peel off on arrival, or get wet and change into dry clothes. How casual is your workplace? Will it be okay to get your shoes wet? Can you store some clothes at work? Is your commute long enough to build up a sweat? These are all questions to consider before determining your approach. Basic rain gear is a jacket and rain pants. Booties, rubber boots, Gore-Tex socks, gloves and a thin toque for under your helmet are also popular when it’s raining or cold. Think about how you will store wet gear on arrival as well. My office invested under $500 on a dehumidifier and a couple of folding laundry racks, so my gear is always dry by midday.


More tips here!


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